CNBC’s “The New High: Extreme Sports” Premieres on Thursday, June 18th at 10PM ET/PT



ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., June 8, 2015 – From flying off a mountain in a “wingsuit” to nailing a triple back motorcycle flip to kiteboarding 40 feet in the air, CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, examines the extraordinary growth of extreme sports in a one-hour documentary, “The New High: Extreme Sports,” reported by correspondent Carl Quintanilla and premiering on Thursday, June 18th at 10PM ET/PT. In just the past few years, entirely new sports have been invented as more and more money, time and passion have been pumped into a rapidly developing industry.

Quintanilla travels to Salt Lake City to meet three members of the “GoPro Bomb Squad” – Neil Amonson, Marshall Miller and Jesse Hall – and watches as they jump from Notch Peak, 9,000 feet above sea level, wearing wingsuits and soaring at speeds of up to 120 miles an hour. The group is paid by camera maker GoPro to live out their passion of skydiving, BASE jumping and wingsuit flying. After Amonson used one of the company’s cameras on a BASE jump and posted the video to YouTube, GoPro took notice, eventually signing him and his friends to its roster of 130-plus athletes. Sponsorships of elite athletes have helped raise GoPro’s visibility and have sent revenues soaring over the last five years.

CNBC boards a ship headed to the Bahamas for a three-day cruise where 1,400 fitness fanatics participate in a Spartan obstacle race. “Spartan Race” is just one of the competitors in the field of obstacle course racing, a growing cultural phenomenon which also includes “Tough Mudder” and “Warrior Dash.” Together, it’s a business expected to take in $350 million in entry fees alone in the U.S. in 2015. Carl Quintanilla participates in the three-mile, sixteen obstacle race, complete with a fire jump, barbed wire crawl and spear throw. He speaks with Joe De Sena, a former Wall Street trader who created Spartan Race in 2010. De Sena’s tough love philosophy: “You have to get people right to the line where they wanna quit. And if you get to that line and then bring ’em back, that’s an experience they’ll never forget.”

CNBC also meets action sports legend Travis Pastrana during a stop on his 40-city North American Nitro Circus tour, which is expected to bring in some $35 million in ticket sales. Pastrana has earned 17 medals in the X-Games and is the first person ever to complete a double back-flip on a motorcycle in competition. His Nitro Circus arena show consists of 40 performers in constant motion, soaring through the air on everything from motorcycles to skateboards – and even a wheelbarrow. Ranked among America’s most promising new companies, Nitro Circus has quickly grown into the biggest and most successful live action-sports show of all time. According to Pastrana, the secret to its appeal is three-part: “You go as fast as you can. You go as high as you can. You go as far as you can.”

Quintanilla heads to Maui to get a first-hand lesson in the extreme sport that has become a favorite of the tech elite – kiteboarding. He speaks with prominent venture capitalist Bill Tai and pro kiteboarder Susi Mai – who together are the force behind “MaiTai Global” – part extreme sports camp, part network of the top minds in tech where entrepreneurs, investors and pro-athletes come together to kite, party and make deals. “There’s a certain kind of person that will look at a pro rider flying through the air and think, ‘I could do that,'” explains Tai. “And I think that’s exactly the kind of person that goes into a startup.” Quintanilla follows two “MaiTai” first-timers hoping to find backers for their new product, and speaks with a former SVP at Twitter who’s come to Hawaii looking to invest in the next great tech idea.

CNBC also profiles 31-year-old Amelia Boone. By day, Boone is a bankruptcy attorney in Chicago, but on weekends, she sheds her corporate skin and competes as one of the best obstacle course racers in the world. Her drive to win is extreme: just eight weeks after undergoing knee surgery, Boone ran in a 24-hour long race, covering 75 miles and winning the women’s division. CNBC cameras cover Boone in action at “The Spartan Beast,” a 12.5 mile race in New Jersey where competitors trudge 4,800 feet up muddy ski slopes and tackle 32 obstacles. Boone wins the race 20 minutes ahead of the next female finisher. Her proven strategy: “Bring myself to that brink – and keep pushing.”

Along with these astonishing pursuits, there is also the very real element of danger and even death. CNBC examines the risk involved in some extreme sports. Since 1981, more than 250 people have died in BASE jumping accidents alone. Quintanilla talks with several athletes featured in the hour about walking the fine line between adrenaline and actual danger.

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Money Never Sleeps Radio June 16, 2015


On this episode of Money Never Sleeps we talk about up and coming Athletes / Entertainers and their Financial Future. We started a multi part series on a topic that I think is very important, over the years I’ve seen too many athletes in all fields of sports get thrust into the limelight where money flowed that they never experienced before, they became millionaires over night just doing what they loved to do.

Now there is no problem with that type of success at all, we all love seeing that BUT the issue is that usually these athletes are young and most don’t have that person in their life that can anchor them down to show them how to manage their new found wealth.

What the general public sees is a talented athlete or entertainer making money, living the high life, fancy homes, cars, jewelry etc but those athletes or entertainers that don’t have that direction who jump into the facade game and aren’t thinking about the big picture, those are the ones that could potentially wind up broke once their careers end.

So what we are going to try and do on Money Never Sleeps is highlight some do’s and don’ts for up and coming athletes and entertainers, basically over the course of the series and as it evolves to create some type of general blueprint that may be helpful to someone in this position looking for a path to take in order to avoid the pitfalls that are waiting for them.

We will tackle the structure of their “Financial Future Team”, stock market investments, real estate, franchises, nontradtional investments and much more. We will from time to time bring on a professional who handles such clients just to give additional input on the topic.

I also talk about Twitter and their current situation, the Target CVS working relationship and much more.

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New York City Luxury Power Broker Fredrik Eklund


There is no lack of flash when it comes to Fredrik Eklund, one of the nations top luxury real estate brokers, he makes sure that when you leave the room that you remember who he is.

He has been in the residential real estate arena for over 11 years and in that time he and his team of seasoned pros has topped more than 2 billion dollars in sales. It doesn’t stop there Eklund is the founder of an extremely high end luxury real estate outfit in Scandanavia called “Eklund Stockholm New York.”

Between his global team they have been setting records in sales on a massive scale. Last year alone the Eklund Gomes Team set record breaking numbers in not 1, not 5 not 15 but 28 buildings in Manhattan, that is not including what they have done globally.

Eklund is a true business machine, thinking of new ways to out do himself and expanding at a rate that most real estate brokers would salivate about. Make no mistake this wasn’t an overnight success this has taken years and years of development and over the past 3 years seems to be the highlight years for Eklund with still more to come.

Being a star of the hit reality series on the Bravo Network “Million Dollar Listing : New York” has given him an international podium to preach from. There is no doubt that the word “NO” or “STOP” doesn’t fit into his daily life and its this persistence that has made him one of the most sought after luxury real estate brokers not only in New York but way beyond.

“Fredrik Eklund is one of those fierce real estate brokers that you want to have in your corner when negotiating and one of those competitors that you don’t want to get into a tug of war with, all in all what he has built and continues to build will undoubtedly open up doors for many up and coming real estate agents who are looking to be guided by one of the best in the business, that’s if they pass the litmus test first“ – Louis Velazquez, UCW Radio Show.

More About Fredrik Eklund

Frequently covered by Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, New York Times, New York Post and New York Observer as a real estate expert. “My unique philosophy in marketing has truly come a long way and joining Douglas Elliman will allow me to continue to advance in the world of real estate not just in Manhattan but overseas,” stated Fredrik Eklund. Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Eklund studied at the Stockholm School of Economics. 

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Miami Luxury Power Broker & Socialite Katrina Campins

When you mention the name Katrina Campins, the first reaction of those that know of her are “That girl from The Apprentice” or “Wasn’t she on the cover of People Magazine?”

Here is the skinny on this dynamic go getter, she’s been in the real estate industry since the age of 17. She didn’t just decided to go into real estate and hope for the best, she has done what most professional athletes have done to go pro, she went to college. She graduated from the University of Miami with an impressive 4.0 grad point average.

Now that college education came in pretty handy as it allowed her to take the international finance and marketing skills that she acquired in school and apply them to her real estate career. In doing that she became a well known and accomplished agent but that wasn’t enough for Campins, she craved for more.

So in 2002 she took the leap of faith to join the new show at the time, Donald Trumps “The Apprentice.” This forced her to take time off from pursuing her real estate career in order to grab hold of a once in a lifetime opportunity, an opportunity that would open up many doors for her and land her on the cover of People Magazine.

She became the go to person for CNBC on the state of the Miami real estate market, landed a gig as correspondent for ESPN which really opened up doors for her to connect with many pro athletes. This move trickled down back into her real estate business which allowed her to represent over 342 athletes, entertainers and celebrities with their national real estate needs.

Her property listings have been featured on NBC, HGTV, SiTV, CNN, CNBC, ESPN, MTV, Bloomberg TV, and BBC.

She has been a highly sought after broker who is known for her professionalism, knowledge and desire to work hard for her clients. This work ethic has garnered her recognition from the likes of Realtor Magazine’s “Top 30 Under 30″ in 2004, Forbes, USA Today, NY Post, NY Times, Sports Illustrated, Ocean Drive, ESPN, Player Magazine, Variety Magazine, the covers of People Magazine, US Weekly, In Touch, and countless others.

Her reputation for being accommodating, creative and above all discreet has earned her the keys to many kingdoms and just recently she grabbed one additional key.

This Miami luxury real estate superstar has joined Trump International Realty as the company is expanding their reach throughout South Florida. The recent opening of Trump’s National Doral Golf Resort offices opened up that opportunity which Campins seized with a smile.

“Katrina Campins is one of those passionate people that was born with that drive to succeed, she hasn’t strayed away from growth and actually launching her own prestigious real estate firm in 2004 called “The Campins Company” gave her more to strive for. Trump International definitely tapped a great asset in Katrina which will sure show as she sinks her teeth into their new projects,” – Louis Velazquez, UCW Radio Show.

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San Francisco Luxury Power Broker Barbara Klein

To Barbara Klein selling real estate is not about a single transaction, it’s about building long-term relationships. A 25 year veteran of residential real estate worldwide, her domestic and international sales experience coupled with an extensive knowledge of relocation principles and procedures creates a winning combination..

Real estate runs through her blood as she grew up surrounded by the business; her father owned a land company and her mother worked in residential real estate for decades. Barbara strive to offer unparalleled service to her clients through consistent communication, comprehensive market knowledge, and reliability.

She approaches each client’s situation as if it were her own investment, which ensures a level of attention to detail that gets deals done.strong work ethic in addition to finely honed negotiation skills (gained through her experience as a top Mercedes sales associate) ensure that transactions are executed with proficiency and tenacity, which are increasingly vital characteristics in today’s challenging market.

She is also committed to various charity outreach programs, motivated byChurchill’s sage observation:’We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’

To find out more about Barbara Klein and see her listings please go to the following links:

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