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NYC Luxury Real Estate Rising Star

When you think of up and coming mega real estate agents in New York then the name Luis D. Ortiz should be on your mind.

He’s been in the New York City real estate arena for over seven years and he is just getting warmed up. He has taken the bull by the horns in New York City working diligently towards his one goal and that is to be one of the top real estate agents, not only New York but the country.

His talents are not only in real estate but Ortiz also studied film direction at the New York Film Academy which led him to receiving numerous awards for his work. He took that passion for entertainment and thrust it into his real estate business making a true production out of any listing that he took on.

As all agents do, he started at one firm then took a step up by going to another firm to further his career. What makes him different is that every move that he made was another rung up the ladder, so he moved from a firm like Synergy to take his business to Keller Williams, where he became someone to look for greater things from. He didn’t disappoint either; he quickly rose to the rank of VP in their New York office.

During that time he had the major opportunity to be a part of the up and coming reality show “Million Dollar Listing : New York” on the Bravo TV Network. This opened up plenty of doors for Ortiz as it led him to making yet another stretch up that ladder of success to join forces with the powerhouse real estate brokerage firm Douglas Elliman.

This move was properly his smartest to date as it put him in line with some of the true real estate superstars not only in New York but internationally.

In the past three years he has sales in excess of US$100MM and this is just the tip of the iceberg for this rising real estate star.

“New York is the place to make it if you are going to make it anywhere, Luis Ortiz is on the path to greater things not only in real estate but in life, I like the fact that he wants to use his fame on the reality show to try to inspire young people to step up and dream big but also put actions behind those dreams,” – Louis Velazquez, UCW Radio Show


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