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Money Never Sleeps : June 15, 2016

brexitToday on Money Never Sleeps Radio , Host Louis Velazquez is touching on the possible Brexit, the future of Twitter, the impact of the current presidential election in the USA on manufacturing and job creation, the Microsoft and LinkedIn deal and more.



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Money Never Sleeps Quick Shot on Facebook : NYSE: FB

On this Money Never Sleeps Quick Shot Louis Velazquez gives his view on Facebook and how the company though generally known as a social media company is potentially gearing up for much more in the world of entertainment.

Disney CEO Bob Iger made mention of ESPN possibly at some point being its own stand alone on demand network via the internet and mobile, this sent ripples through the media industry and put a spotlight on Netflix, NASDAQ: NFLX , many people neglected to point that same spotlight on Facebook because once , not if but once, they map out how they will execute it, the company will have created an advertising revenue machine due to their reach.

Listen to the segment for more.

Disclaimer: Money Never Sleeps Radio, its host nor parent company have a holding , long or short position, in the company being featured on this show.

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Money Never Sleeps July 21,2015 : The Future of Twitter

Today we revolved the show around the future of Twitter, its acquisition of Periscope, making strategic acquisitions and the takeover rumors.

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