Money Never Sleeps Quick Shot on Shake Shack : NYSE: SHAK

Money Never Sleeps Quick Shot on SHAKE SHACK, trading symbol SHAK, they announced earnings per share of 9 cents up from 3 cents per share, revenue jumped to $48.5 Million from $27.7 Million , the street was expecting in the $43 Million range.

Top competitors in that niche Casual Fast Food space are the likes of Smashburger which is coming public soon and In & Out Burger as well as Habit Burger, all of which grew anywhere from 25-45% last year, so as Shake Shack is growing so are these guys and they don’t have 10% of their stores in one borough.

Keep in mind that 10% of their stores now are in Manhattan, not in New York in general just in Manhattan. You have Chick-fil-a coming to New York City and that will provide additional competion in that area.

We haven’t even spoken about the minimum wage hit the company will take in New York City, which is set at $15 per hour, way up from $8.75, big difference.

With Shake Shacks current earnings it looks like the market cap is somewhere in the $900 plus million dollar area and if they only have 71 or 72 stores, those numbers per location is crazy. This isn’t a tech company and the valuations in my opinion that they are giving the company are just over promising in a big way.

The sector is a tough one and the reality is that Shake Shack may have a plan to open up hundreds of stores nationwide people need to realize that they are not the only show in town, there is serious competition from the companies I mentioned and once Shake Shack moves into unchartered areas it may become an uphill battle because like most people in NYC don’t know of In & Out Burger most people outside of NYC don’t know of Shake Shack.

In my opinion the stock is priced right in the low $40 range not close to $80, where do you go from here?

since the IPO the stock has jumped over 220 percent , granted they did great this quarter but I doubt they will meet the expectations of investors at these levels in the future.

And if they grow too quickly ala Krispy Kreme, if you don’t know it just look it up in the history books, they could hit a brick wall and no one wants that. So lets see what happens to the price of the stock this week and next week, honestly if the stock tumbles it would be doing the company a favor and allowing them to breathe a bit so they can have solid growth and not be a flash in the pan.

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Disclaimer: Money Never Sleeps Radio, its host nor parent company have a holding , long or short position, in the company being featured on this show.

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Money Never Sleeps Quick Shot on Facebook : NYSE: FB

On this Money Never Sleeps Quick Shot Louis Velazquez gives his view on Facebook and how the company though generally known as a social media company is potentially gearing up for much more in the world of entertainment.

Disney CEO Bob Iger made mention of ESPN possibly at some point being its own stand alone on demand network via the internet and mobile, this sent ripples through the media industry and put a spotlight on Netflix, NASDAQ: NFLX , many people neglected to point that same spotlight on Facebook because once , not if but once, they map out how they will execute it, the company will have created an advertising revenue machine due to their reach.

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Disclaimer: Money Never Sleeps Radio, its host nor parent company have a holding , long or short position, in the company being featured on this show.

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Money Never Sleeps Quick Shot on FitBit : NYSE: FIT

In this Money Never Sleeps Quick Shot Louis Velazquez gives his view on FitBit after the company reported an outstanding quarter but the outlook seems dark and he explains why.


Disclaimer: Money Never Sleeps Radio, its host nor parent company have a holding , long or short position, in the company being featured on this show.

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The Money Never Sleeps Radio Show Invites Startups and Private Companies on the Show

​The Money Never Sleeps Radio Show is inviting the leaders of privately held companies through out the United States as guests on the show. What is of interest are startups and growth companies that are in a growth industry such as Technology, Biotech, Medical and Cannabis.

The spotlight is being put on these privately held companies showcasing their story, products and their growth potential on a private level to the financial community. Some of these companies may be seeking seed or angel capital while others may be looking for additional rounds of funding for their continued growth.

The interviews will be via the telephone or Skype and will be approximately 25 minutes in length, any submissions must be done via the Money Never Sleeps Radio website and they must be viable entities.

For companies that are seeking or in the middle of a capital raise this must be disclosed prior via email prior to a time slot being booked.

All shows are distributed through several major online distributors for maximum exposure; all companies are researched prior to being booked so please furnish any pertinent information along with the booking request.

For additional information please go to

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Money Never Sleeps August 05, 2015 : Gold, Oil, Twitter, Netflix, Facebook


Last week I spoke about my views on Gold, Oil , Twitter, Facebook and Google on “Money Never Sleeps” and I want to revisit this and add onto that conversation.

So many people are trying to figure out where gold is going, is it going up, down or sideways and the impact that it will have on the rest of the market. On top of that so many people are blaming geo political situations and others are still blaming a strong US Dollar, let me shed my own light on this topic and maybe it will get you thinking a little different about precious metals in general.

Gold was once the backing for currency, there is no question that the more gold you had the more strength your currency had, the perceived value is what drove men to venture to the farthest ends of the earth for the metal despite the level of danger.

That perception was due to the limited supply in the world, which at that time in history it made some type of sense, the money was there to be made and some people did whatever it took in order to stake their claims and get that gold.

The key word I keep using is the perception, what value is put on something based on the perceived value of society, so this is what we go by right?

I’ve traveled the world acquiring gold privately for clients and I wasn’t trading futures I was physically going and acquiring this for them. So I got to see first hand how everything worked from the ground to the retail level, this also goes for diamonds but that’s a story for another day, so I’ve from extraction until it showed up on someone’s finger.



Twitter has been under fire as of late, the stock slipped hard after their brutally honesty and dark outlook for the company’s immediate growth. I listened to that periscope a few times and then I reflected on when Dick Costolo and Jack Dorsey were on CNBC a month or so prior stating that the company is not changing direction and their plan will remain in tact.

These comments scared investors, threw off analyst and basically left me confused.

Twitter is a great platform, no one can ever dispute that, I was using Twitter when you had to send a text for it to show up and it showed so much promise. When Ashton Kutcher became the evangelist of the platform it started to take off when Oprah used it then it was game on, and it continued to grow. Many people didn’t understand it and even today a lot of people don’t understand it, which is unfortunate and that is the fault of the company.

Twitter cannot be compared to Facebook in the least; Facebook was the original disruptor when it was initially restricted to university students with school emails but it evolved and that’s what technology does it evolves.

Myspace used to be the cool place to be until Facebook came along and really who even uses Myspace any longer?

So Facebook was the place to be, make connections, reconnect, market etc etc, but over time Facebook evolved from being just for the youth to being for everyone, where not only the kids but their parents, grandparents and maybe even great grandparents have an account.


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